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We are a mobile and online market place for buying and selling art pieces from all over the world. Born out of a desire to support and promote Global Art Entrepreneurs, our sole objective is to provide a forum that truly supports both the artist and the buyer. With no expensive gallery fees to pay, artwork can be valued fairly and realistically, making it accessible and affordable to a much wider audience.


In just a few simple steps, artists can upload their work and start connecting with art lovers right around the world.

Why join us

By joining BAM! and becoming part of our global community, you can be sure your drive, determination and creativity will be respected and valued. As part of Baxters International (Art) Limited, based in London, BAM! provides an environment you can rely on with a name you can trust.

Why to choose us

Artists can begin showcasing their work immediately and because BAM! is committed to supporting a vibrant and thriving industry, you will encounter no prejudicial commission structures that can sometimes prevent achieving a fair price for your work. We take a very small percentage of the selling price to cover our costs, but really, BAM! is a labour of love!

As the artist, you are always in control, choosing what to exhibit, what to sell and how much to sell for. Even if an item is sold, you can still include it in your portfolio. Here at BAM! you won’t find any intimidating gallery owners dictating how to run your business

No longer the realm of the privileged few, BAM! brings the joy of art to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. No intimidating galleries, no long distances to travel, just an exciting and diverse market at your fingertips, available to explore at your leisure.

As an artist, all you have to worry about is how to make your portfolio look amazing. BAM! will take away all the other headaches prevalent in business, dealing with the logistics of distribution networks, handling the complexities of insurance, ensuring all payments and duties are accounted for and well, just about everything else, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best - create!

BAM! have worked tirelessly to ensure the security of your artwork and the security of our platform. As a responsible trader, we have partnered with PayPal as the preferred way to execute financial transactions and whilst we also accept payment from major credit cards all these transactions will go through our secure payment portal. Recognizing the value of your artwork we have partnered with DHL to handle deliveries confident in their ability to ensure a reliable end to end service taking care of everything from insurance to duties and everything in between.

Each time you log in to your account, you will automatically land on your own personal dashboard which will provide an instant overview of your sales and income. Using innovative analytics to help you manage your portfolio, you will know how many times your work has been viewed and which pieces are proving most popular.

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